internationale school voor ondernemerschap in Amsterdam

Art of Simplicity

Handcrafted Jewelry
During the Spring of 2018, Amsterdam-based couple Isabella (4th year) and Niels (TA class of 2019) were traveling together around the globe. Their drive to explore the unknown brought them to every corner of the world. From surfing the dunes of Morocco, to discovering the hidden paradises of Brazil, and leaping off the highest bungee jump of the world in South Africa, they shared countless life-changing experiences. Designed and handmade in the Netherlands, their fine-jewelry is created to celebrate the smallest moments and the biggest dreams. Their pieces hold deeper meanings in the simplest of forms. Elegant and understated, they anchor memories in time and crystallizing moments so you can share again and again.


Ontdek bij onze volgende Open Doors hoe Team Academy jou kan helpen om je internationale carrière te starten.

"Bij Team Academy heb ik geleerd dat je verantwoordelijk bent voor je eigen toekomst. Doe het nu en blijf proberen!"
Afgestudeerde, klas van 2018
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