internationale school voor ondernemerschap in Amsterdam


Customized Gin
Our 4th year Eve started Citygin in 2020! “Every city has a unique story, connection, and motivation from the proud residents. For example, we chose to ask at least 50 residents of each city what they considered the true symbol of the city. We kept asking about these elements; the colors of the city, important icons, typical local ingredients, the highlights, quotes, and other things we really should know. This gave rise to the idea to personalize every city gin based on 4 elements; color, icon, ingredients, and the story of the city, for and by the proud residents.” Would you like to launch a new city with them? Please contact them via their website to discuss the possibilities.


Ontdek bij onze volgende Open Doors hoe Team Academy jou kan helpen om je internationale carrière te starten.

"Bij Team Academy heb ik geleerd dat je verantwoordelijk bent voor je eigen toekomst. Doe het nu en blijf proberen!"
Afgestudeerde, klas van 2018
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