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Innovative Real-estate System
During his time at Team Academy, Tim started thinking about this real estate business idea. Dissatisfaction within the market regarding the demand for better service without increasing costs has led to the start of Wunderbricks. They are an innovative PropTech company that offers a variety of SaaS for real estate management through a flexible, secure and open platform. They take an example from other sectors, where technology is often further developed and where the focus lies on efficiency and user satisfaction. Next to this they are a global (OEM & ISV) partner of


Ontdek bij onze volgende Open Doors hoe Team Academy jou kan helpen om je internationale carrière te starten.

"Bij Team Academy heb ik geleerd dat je verantwoordelijk bent voor je eigen toekomst. Doe het nu en blijf proberen!"
Afgestudeerde, klas van 2018
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